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2023 Lars Wrapped up

2023 Lars Wrapped up

At the end of the year/beginning of the new year, we always like to share some sort of recap of the previous year whether it’s a list of the top posts or writing about our resolutions for the upcoming year. This year I wanted to try out something different and share a bit of this and that–highlights for Team Lars, things we loved, and things you loved. We’re calling it our 2023 Lars Wrap Up. You can consider it our top 10 recommendations.

Let’s start with some highlights from the blog and work our way down.

Blog posts with the most views in 2014

The most popular posts of this year. Some of these posts are old, but have been re-discovered. Our DIY flower pounding video was a huge hit!

  1. DIY flower pounding
  2. How to fold a Thanksgiving napkin
  3. Ornaments heirlooms for the family
  4. Christmas Bulb Advent Calendar
  5. How to make a friendship bracelet with a heart
  6. Becoming jennifer tran
  7. DIY bookmark tassels
  8. Paper Candle Christmas Tree Decoration
  9. Christmas napkin folding
  10. What I regret most about my kitchen renovation

Best projects of the Year

In With the Old, our home project featured on the show was definitely the most popular post of the year.

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