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7 Best Exercises To Lose Weight And Burn Calories

7 Best Exercises To Lose Weight And Burn Calories

Whether you’ve just begun or you’re months into your weight loss journey, chances are you’ve found yourself wondering what the best exercises to lose weight are. Spoiler it’s not endless cardio.

Before we dig into the details, let’s do a bit of myth busting first:

Contrary to what you might have seen on the latest fitness gadgets, it’s not possible to reduce fat in specific areas with exercise. When we start to burn fat by exercising, it comes simultaneously from all parts. The more recent fat deposits are burned faster than the older ones.

This process is similar to lighting a candle. When creating a wax candle, the wax goes into the bottom first and is then built up. When we light a candle, the wax on the top (i.e. The most recent wax is burned first. Fat is also burned in a similar manner.

Short answer: a challenging, balanced exercise program is the best way to lose weight.

What Exercises are Most Effective in Weight Loss?

Here is the short answer: Balanced ProgramWhat does it look like?

Your program should include all three energy systems.[1] This is just a fancy word for saying that your program should include High-intensity burst workouts Like sprints or…

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