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Academic New Years Resolutions

Academic New Years Resolutions

Oh, you didn’t know academic new year resolutions were a thing? 

Well…they might be? They should. New Year’s resolutions were kind of a bust this go-around, if I’m being honest. We are declaring this right now.

Welcome to the new school year. 

Back to school is a big reset for most people (whether they are ready or otherwise).

The summer is gone. No routines, no rules. No routines! to a whole other kind of every day crazy (Don’t be late! Where are your shoes? Did you finish your homework? Tonight we have soccer! (I said bedtime!)

Our schedules, workload, relationships, and of course our budgets are all affected. It is important to take a step back and reflect on where we have been. What are our goals? What’s most important to you? How do we get there?

Everyone’s circumstances are unique, but in the hopes that it will provide a little inspiration, here are some of our tried-and-true (okay, mostly tried and mostly true) academic new year resolutions.

Six Academic New Year Resolutions

We won’t sign up for multiple activities at once.

Even when my children were still very small, we’d still somehow end…

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