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Free Printable Holiday Gift Tags

Free Printable Holiday Gift Tags

It’s been a crazy few weeks with a trip to Australia to visit family and then a major life highlight in Washington, DC (more on that soon!), so I’ve done absolutely NOTHING about decorating my own home for the holidays. Honestly, I don’t like feeling behind on life and I’m feeling exactly that right now. Hopefully you’re not feeling that way and that you’re way ahead of the game. You may even need some free printable holiday gifts tags. You’re in luck!

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Giving gifts to neighbors during the holiday season

The HP site has a ton cute options. We created the cutest gift tags you can print for free. I love the colors, and the feel. I designed a space for you to glue your family photo on the back. Since I’m using the tags for our neighbor gifts this year, I’m gonna make sure that they know who we are–ha!

Paul loves to make Jam and this was a good year for our Apricot Tree so he started working! There’s nothing better than getting things done early! He created Big Big Money Jams…

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