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Gift Guide for Men

Gift Guide for Men

Who knows what men really want? Sometimes I think, why even try…Though I did consult with Paul (or at least went through his closet and recent purchases) and some classic Dad selections, I’m going to be honest and say, I WISH that this is what they wanted. Ha! This neat and tidy guide to men’s gifts includes things I would like for myself.

  1. Boots. And to be honest I also want these.
  2. Sweater (I want everything from Luke Edward Hall’s shop)
  3. A Kind of Magic By Luke Edward Hall
  4. Kindle (Paul loves his Kindle)
  5. You can never have enough air tags and they are a perfect stocking stuffer.
  6. Domino Set because you can play it too
  7. Backpack so cute
  8. Cell phone case
  9. Red pj set do men even wear pjs?! real question. Please give your opinion.
  10. Headphones. Paul has had many sets, and got these ones on Amazon Prime Day. I tried them out myself and they are the best we’ve had yet!
  11. Blue/yellow shoes. The colors of the shoes are great!
  12. What is too cute for a cherry boxer?
  13. Plaid shirt in such great colors
  14. Abby Clawson’s Playing Cards: A Modern Classic
  15. Wireless ear buds
  16. Daniel Everett’s photography book This is an…

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