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Habit-Building: Budget Planner Printable & Beyond

Habit-Building: Budget Planner Printable & Beyond

Are you inspired to organise your finances once and for everything? Get our free guide to organizing your finances. Budget planner Printing can help you make less stress about money in the New Year. 

January has a way of inspiring us to stop and evaluate where we are in life versus where we’d like to be. In reality, it’s something we should check in on regularly, but the passing time marked by a new year seems to be a good source of motivation to make some major changes—or try to, at least.

In my experience, the traditional idea of budgeting and New Year’s resolutions share a common theme: it’s something you want to do, it’s something you mean to do, it’s something you start to do—but that transition from an exciting new plan to a well-established habit is a hard hurdle to clear. 

Here’s why: changing your life involves more than a new planner, a new app, or a new to-do list (and I say that as someone who is a big fan of all three of those things.) A multi-faceted approach is required to make any major changes in your routine, mindset, or behavior. It includes self-awareness, accountability and a system.

A planner, app or to-do list are just tools. You need a clear understanding of what you’re building, why, and…

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