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How to be more present in your daily life

How to be more present in your daily life

Introduction to Living in the Now

Think about this: we often get lost in memories or worry about what’s next. To really live, to feel alive, you need to be in the present moment. Imagine not missing out on the little joys and the big moments because you’re really there, not lost in your head. This article will explain why and how to be in the moment.

Part 1: Why It’s Hard to Stay Present

It can seem like our minds are constantly buzzing! You may have noticed that many of your thoughts are repeated like a tune on repeat. We get caught up in the mental chatter so easily that we lose touch with what’s unfolding right before our eyes in each moment.

It is easier to imagine a different time than focus on the present. It takes us back to past memories or future scenarios. Where does this leave us? You are disconnected from the present moment!

And then there’s a sneaky trick our minds like to play – we start believing that WE are our thoughts. We become so attached to whatever occupies our mind space. But these thinking patterns were formed over many years, essentially forming deep neural paths in our…

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