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How to Draw Your Way to a Life You’ll Love

How to Draw Your Way to a Life You’ll Love

“Imagination is more important than knowledge.” ~Albert Einstein

We all know the basic script we are encouraged to follow in life—work hard at school, then go to university or get a good job. Everything will be fine if you fit in with the crowd.

I did well at the first part; however, by my early twenties, the “everything will be fine” bit wasn’t happening for me. It’s far from the truth. I had been prepared for a “basic script” life, but I wasn’t happy by any means, and I couldn’t figure out what was wrong.

Before I went to university in the UK I drove with friends an old Bedford van from London to Turkey. The trip was pretty crazy. On the road, we met people returning from Afghanistan and India. I was enthralled by the stories they shared and remember thinking to myself, “It sounds like you’re living. That’s what I what I want to do.”

After returning to the UK, I started my university studies in Edinburgh. However, I developed a burning desire for me to travel the world as I had always dreamed. Some friends and I bought an old Land Rover and spent every spare minute refurbishing it in a friend’s garage. We decided to spend an entire year driving from the UK overland to Australia.

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