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It’s Go Time! It’s Go Time!

It’s Go Time! It’s Go Time!

Things started happening yesterday. After years of discussing my studio, planning, changing plans, and weighing various ideas and options, the time is now right to start actually doing things. When I got home yesterday from having lunch with my brother and mom, guess what was on the orange porch of my house? IKEA cabinets I bought for my studio are on the porch. When I saw them, everything became real. I can’t stay in this studio planning phase forever. It’s finally over after years of waiting. Now it’s time to actually put a plan into action. I wasn’t really sure what to expect with this order. IKEA confirmed that all items would be sent in 25 packages. Ummm…that’s not 25 packages. That’s 71 packages! 😀 Each cabinet carcass is packaged in a box. Each pair of shelves in a package. And each drawer front or cabinet door in its own package. Then, each pair of hinges come in a separate package. If we counted the hinges yesterday, then 83 packages had been delivered to my door. It […]

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