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I’ve Gotta Be Me

I’ve Gotta Be Me

The problem is that we can’t get from here to there without revealing our hidden agendas and taking off our masks, if only to ourselves. And the process won’t be very pretty. It involves a slow death and it’s painful. What can you expect from God if he answers your dangerous prayer?

Our Ego Size

Our egos tend to be much larger than we believe, and so our motives often differ from what we expect. Our motives have become more self-centered and mixed than we ever thought.

The most dangerous prayer you can pray (if God deems to answer it) is, “God, show me myself.”

Jesus said that no human was good (Mark 10:18) because anything that is truly “good” must be for goodness (i.e., God’s) sake. If we feel good after doing something like baking cookies for a neighbor, visiting a friend in hospital, helping someone in need or giving money to the Salvation Army during Christmas, then it is no longer a pure act of goodness.

The Success of Our Efforts

We are surprised to find that the solution is much more difficult than we thought. We are not as successful in our efforts…

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