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Ideas for pumpkins to enhance your front porch

Ideas for pumpkins to enhance your front porch

With fall in full force now, it’s time to turn our attention to one of the most iconic symbols of the season – pumpkins. They are great for decorating your porch, and they can be used to make pies or soups. In this blog post, we’ll explore some creative pumpkin ideas that can help you elevate your porch decor this fall, making it the envy of your neighborhood. You can even use them during the Thanksgiving holiday if you plan ahead. We love to win-win situations.

Classic Jack-o’-lantern

Let’s start with the classics! Carving pumpkins into spooky, silly, or intricate jack-o’-lanterns is a time-honored tradition. Get creative with your designs, and don’t forget to light them up with candles or LED lights for a haunting effect.

Painted Pumpkins

Painting your pumpkins can be a great option if you want to avoid a messy mess. The possibilities are endless. From metallic shades to whimsical designs, there is something for everyone. Even your children can join in the fun. We painted some pumpkins after our first Casetify collection and it’s forever a classic!

Pumpkin Topiaries

Stack pumpkins of different sizes to create stunning topiaries. Add greenery or berries to…

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