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Studio Floor Work in Progress

Studio Floor Work in Progress

After a horrible week in bed, I was able to finally get into the studio and make some progress yesterday. It felt great to get back to work. I was originally going to start by painting the ceiling and work my way down. But I changed my mind and decided to paint the ceiling first. I’m starting with the floor, and then once it’s done, I’ll cover it with protective paper, and then paint the walls and ceiling. I continue to get comments and messages from people urging me not to redo the studio floor, but it’s too late. 🙂 It’s already in progress, and it really needed to be done. As I went through the boxes I had hung on the walls for many years and got rid of the things I no longer wanted, I started to notice that the floor was getting worse. The boxes had been leaking and the floor was stained in various places. Here’s an example. This purple stuff was in two places on my floor. I don’t know what it is. Here’s the other purple stain (maybe ribbon that got wet?You can also see some of the staining. […]

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