Home DIY Studio Progress: I Have Cabinets (I Kind Of Do)!

Studio Progress: I Have Cabinets (I Kind Of Do)!

Studio Progress: I Have Cabinets (I Kind Of Do)!

I won’t even share with you how much time I spent yesterday in my studio just standing and staring and pondering the floor design decision. It’s embarrassing. After spending far too long trying to decide, I decided that it might be better if I could actually see the cabinets. The rest of the day and evening was spent assembling the base cabinets on the front wall. This wall is far from being finished but even this little bit of progress has me excited about getting it done! The studio has been half-finished for many years and I have considered numerous options for the cabinets. I looked at everything from IKEA cabinets to RTA, to completely DIY. I also considered every combination and option you can imagine. I had already ruled out IKEA’s cabinets when I first looked at them. I planned to have a wall of lower and higher cabinets and a large desk space. The standard height of desktops is thirty inches. IKEA Sektion cabinets come in a variety of sizes. […]

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