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It’s funny how you can make anything into a game.

On gym days I’ve started doing this thing where after our boot camp I reward myself by grabbing a basketball and shooting around for a while, patting myself on the back for making it. But then I started feeling guilty for having fun when I’m supposed to be “working out,” so I made this arbitrary rule that I can play for however long I want, but I’m not allowed to *leave* until I make a half-court shot 🙂

It’s a pretty difficult task, but I decided to add a twist. If I miss the ball, I must RUN AFTER IT and keep trying until I finally make it. I run back and forth, from opposite ends of the court. And when that got easier because I’m now better at making shots!, I upped the game to making THREE half-court shots before leaving, and then after each one I drop to the ground and do 15 pushups for good measure 😂

I often wonder what the people around me must think watching this lunatic running around launching balls into the air and then falling to the floor, but it’s made my gym days 3x more exciting while still accomplishing the mission.

I thought of this when I got the following message, only instead of silly basketball games it’s a…

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