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The 5-Minute budget routine

The 5-Minute budget routine

I will always be a fan Think of the following: that I won’t like a daily routine.

Don’t hold me back, Routine! Routine, don’t try to bind me down! I’m sorry, Routine, I just want to keep my options open, OK?

But it never takes too long before I come crawling back…. Routine, I’m sorry—I’ll never stray again! You complete me! You are the only person I can count on! Please take me back!

We need routine. Routine frees our brainpower and allows us to go on automatic pilot. Routines allow us to be more organized and productive. Routine gives us the freedom and space we’ve always wanted.

Budget Routine: The Beginning

I’ve been using YNAB, a budgeting system and a way for tracking your spending for ten years now. But it wasn’t until a few years ago that I applied this hard-earned wisdom about routine to my budget. Here’s what it looked like using this budgeting app before and after:

Before/No Routine: It’s bad. Late nights spent catching up with old transactions and printing statements from my account to do the dreaded reconcile.

After/Routine: No need to worry about a huge catch-up.

The transformation was radical once I…

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