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The kitchen renovation I regret

The kitchen renovation I regret

If you thought we were done with sharing about our home renovations, you’d be wrong! Muhahaha. There’s so much more we need to do! Last year I made the delusional (lol) choice to participate in a 3 month home renovation blitz, which consisted of designing our kitchen, Jasper’s room, out kitchenette in the basement, our staircase, and exterior of the house. It was all for an episode of a home renovation tv show that I shared about here, here, here, here and plenty more and turns out I have some regrets–surprise! Who would have thought I didn’t make the best choices in a time of so much stress?!

What you need to know about the show

Budget and time were major factors in the design decisions we made. I’d like to tell you what I would do differently, and what my plans are for these spaces. I knew I was under a tight deadline to not only create the design concept but also order the materials, locate people to assist, style it, and have it ready for the camera. Utah was/is? There is a shortage of construction workers and supplies. It’s difficult to find them in a timely manner. We were not provided with a budget to renovate or repair the house.

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