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Three Reasons to Upgrade to iOS 17.3

Three Reasons to Upgrade to iOS 17.3

People, it’s time to update. Apple released iOS 17.3 on compatible iPhones worldwide. The biggest advantage of using It is the most recent update to iOS and there are many compelling reasons for you to download it.

Stolen Device Protection

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A good passcode won’t keep your iPhone secure. If someone sees you typing in your passcode, they can use it to reset the Apple ID password. They can then lock you out of all your Apple devices, including your stolen iPhone. Yikes.

Stolen Device protection in iOS 17.3 is intended to address this security issue. You can enable this feature and iOS will now require you to scan Face ID or Touch ID for multiple security checks that used to ask for a passcode. Face ID is required not only to reset a password but also to view digital Apple Card information, to make purchases and to view saved passkeys.


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