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Make your own popcorn seasoning mix at home!

Make your own popcorn seasoning mix at home!

Next time you make popcorn treat yourself to a little flavor. I insist. You can sprinkle your favorite popcorn seasoning all over the bowl. I’m not talking about that silly bottled powder at the grocery store. Why pay high prices for popcorn salt when there are so many different flavors you can create at home? There’s no reason to not try it. It’s easy and quick. Let’s get poppin’.

If you are not restricted by dietary restrictions then eating plain popcorn is like forcing yourself to eat the packaging material. Use it as packing material). You don’t need loads of butter or oil to add flavor, you really just need salt and seasonings that are pulverized down into a fine powder. The ultra-fine particles are caught in the irregular hooks and crags of each popped corn kernel. This results in a well-balanced flavor in every handful. Here are two methods.

Use a Mortar and Pestle

The mortar and pestle is my favourite tool, because it allows you to make single servings or large quantities in one go. I always start…

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