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Victorian Puzzle Purse printable

Victorian Puzzle Purse printable

Valentine’s season begins now! You can’t start too soon! You can join our Valentine Exchange today! We love this season. If I’m being honest, it rarely has anything to do with anything lovey dovey and more to do with making things and giving them to people. Because that’s the way we roll around here! We have dozens and dozen of crafts and printables and anything you could want to make a very cute Valentine, but this year we decided that we wanted to make one really memorable Valentine–more of a collector’s edition. We decided to create our own Victorian puzzle purses after looking at the beautiful Victorian ones. You know what else? You can print it and use it to yourself!

Victorian Puzzle Purses: An Artistic Display

Victorian puzzle purses are not just fashion statements. Victorian puzzle bags are works of art, meticulously crafted and with fine detail. These purses were made of delicate materials like silk, velvet or satin. They showcased the skills of the artisans at the time. These purses were decorated with beading, lacework and intricate embroidery. These purses often featured vibrant colors, intricate designs, and…

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