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Wayfair Customers Angry Over "Unethical" Delivery Delays

Wayfair Customers Angry Over "Unethical" Delivery Delays

<p><a rel="noopener noreferrer" href=" target="_blank">Affordable furniture</a> is something many of us look for when shopping—and Wayfair is one of those retailers that regularly offers competitive prices. While you sometimes have to assemble these products yourself (unless you're willing to shell out for a professional), it's often worth it if you find something stylish that you love and don't have to overpay for. But while Wayfair has its fair share of fans, on Reddit, the retailer caught some flak from shoppers citing delivery delays and issues, with one customer going so far as to say its business practices are "unethical." Continue reading to learn why shoppers are so angry.</p>
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<div class="title">A customer reported ongoing issues with a Wayfair delivery.</div>

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