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Why Budgeting is Important for Students

Why Budgeting is Important for Students

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Student budgeting was something I wish I had taken the time to learn more about when I was a student because it’s a significant part of frugal living.

Years ago, I was in University, trying to balance my studies, a part-time job and friends while also being frugal.

The culture shock I experienced as a student was not prepared for by my years of living in Canada.

I studied at University and College two times at different ages, 21 and 30, and even though I had the same outlook, my financial path changed.

Students can find it difficult to strike a balance when deciding whether they want to stay at home or go to school.

Student budgeting involves getting through today so tomorrow won’t be such a financial burden.

I created 5 Smart guidelines Helping students to squeeze out more money from their savings or student loans to avoid debt increases.

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Why budgeting for students is important

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